We have worked with many prominent individuals and corporations to enhance their digital reputations.


Since our inception in 2008, Haystack Reputation has serviced over 25 Fortune 500 companies and over 75 executives and celebrities from a wide range of industries, including consumer products, entertainment, financial services, media, real estate, and pharmaceuticals.

Whether struggling with a problematic news cycle, aiming to boost online presence, or looking to change perception via social marketing, we have the tools to achieve our clients’ goals.

While we like to share our client success stories, one of the hallmarks of our service is our dedication to our clients’ confidentiality and privacy. These are real examples of our past successes with client names removed—when we work for new clients, we provide similar results with that same anonymity.

Case Studies

ISSUE: A very well-known women in the financial services industry found herself significantly challenged by a deluge of unfavorable press.

OUR SOLUTION: Through a consultative approach, we came to understand that she had several areas of expertise that various constituents find highly compelling. We advised that she present such expertise across numerous digital channels, and she soon found herself being called for media inquiries and speaking opportunities. This gave her complete control of her digital reputation and her career has reached new heights. We are humbled that she credits Haystack in having played a role.

ISSUE: In one of the most visible lawsuits of our time, Haystack was hired to help manage the digital reputation of a high-profile client throughout the multi-week trial. Given the notoriety of the suit, audiences from around the world contributed to highly charged, highly opinionated coverage of the events, preventing control and management of the client’s reputation.

OUR SOLUTION: Haystack was able to influence favorable coverage by leaning on our knowledge of news publishing websites, exceeding clients’ expectations. The law firm has since hired Haystack on numerous other similar occasions.

ISSUE: A prominent CEO in the real estate industry was challenged by the fact that search results included only negative press and uninformed insiders’ opinions.

OUR SOLUTION: Working in partnership with his communications team, we optimized numerous authentic assets and strategically interlinked those assets. By doing so, within six weeks, our client had several optimized items in the top results of Google. Four weeks later, they were at the top of all search engines.

ISSUE: Previously invisible on the web, a private equity firm found themselves challenged in fund-raising because one of their investments had proven problematic.

OUR SOLUTION: We created a conservative, minimal corporate site and optimized profiles for all of the executives, quickly driving favorable assets of both the company and executives to cover the first page of search results in ten weeks. We continue to work with this client in partnership with their PR firm to promote favorable news on a regular basis.

ISSUE: A former CFO had been challenged by a barrage of negative press concerning his changing employers. This resulted in pages of ill-sounding information.

OUR SOLUTION: He allowed us to create a single presence to add to just a few profiles. Within eight weeks, the presence was on the first page of search results. Our client was also comfortable increasing his presence on the web increasing his visibility through the news media. This significantly shifted his online presence, and provided an understanding of the integrity behind just him and his employer.

ISSUE: A middle-market firm had a small but unfavorable presence on a prominent information site and was apprehensive to approach it for fear of other repercussions. They also had an unfavorable photo on the first page of results.

OUR SOLUTION: We used our existing profile on the site and worked to find favorable articles to source, making the content stick. Then we slowly edited the page to put the sourced-but-unfavorable content further down the screen where users were less likely to find it. We also created a suite of photos to distribute across their profiles. In six months, we met all of our objectives.