We practice complete confidentiality and discretion with all of our clients.

What do we do? We use a variety of cutting edge programs and tactics to achieve favorable results on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. How do we do it? Through an established process employing proven campaign practices and tactics. The tactics can be implemented independently or concurrently, depending on an agreed upon strategy. How long does it take? A successful campaign strategy requires time—time for our tactics to be thoroughly and properly determined, and time for search engines to fully process our actions.


What We Do


Our approach effectively improves clients’ reputations by promoting favorable assets to the top of results pages and burying unfavorable assets/individual results further down. This method is effective because 75% of users never scroll past the first page of results, and nearly 75% of all clicks occur on the first five results alone. As unfavorable assets are buried lower on the page, the reputational impact can become exponentially beneficial, given a favorable inflection point.

Every reputation requires a unique set of tactics. We create personalized, confidential, strategic solutions to manage and enhance digital reputations. Our team takes a consultative one-on-one approach to every challenge and formulates a singular plan of action customized for each client.

Every challenge comes with slightly differing sets of goals, initial outlooks, and parameters. Because of this we tailor each campaign specifically to individual needs, using years of industry knowledge and leading technology to design each campaign. We exercise extreme confidentiality with our clients.

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How We Do It

Step 1: Assess Existing Assets

Effectiveness depends largely upon the state of assets upon engagement and the combination of tactics used. Using knowledge and tools accumulated through years of experience in the industry, we appraise the content of current assets. Upon completion, we generate a detailed review of existing assets, with thorough analysis of each of those assets.

Step 2: Determine Tactics

Each review concludes with a recommendation of campaign tactics. The tactics require discipline, technique and care to be successful. We partner with our clients, educate them, and jointly decide to pursue campaigns that we deem most effective, while fitting client constraints. Haystack Reputation has over 10 comprehensive campaign tactics which can be used independently or in conjunction with each other to achieve the most favorable results.

Step 3: Implement Tactics

This portion of our campaign deals specifically with the application and employment of the agreed upon services. It is comprehensive and ongoing until the end of a campaign. The ultimate goal of this step is optimize results.

Step 4: Analyze Progress and Results

Our team will monitor and measure the results of our tactics as they are implemented. Haystack will improve upon techniques as opportunities present themselves, better optimizing performance for all clients. This process becomes cyclical; we are constantly evaluating the state of assets and analyzing the effects of our actions.

How Long Does It Take

Digital Reputation Management is not an instantaneous process. Initial action customarily takes 4-6 weeks before yielding measureable results, with continued progress throughout the process. Steady improvement follows over the course of several months.

We can guarantee that, given enough time, we will be successful.

Due to the timing of this type of service, we work on retainer with most of our clients. Our initial engagement is typically 6 to 12 months. We often remain with a client past the initial engagement to further monitor and nurture their online reputation.

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