We repair, build, and protect reputations for established corporations or prominent individuals.

Haystack Reputation has over 10 comprehensive campaign tactics which can be used independently or in conjunction with each other to achieve the most favorable results. As part of each engagement we will work with you to create a strategic campaign employing a unique set of tactics.

Some of our clients choose to engage us for a specific practice, including, but not limited to:


Full Digital Assessment

Our first step, whether conducting a full campaign or not, is always to assess the existing digital landscape for our clients. Through our state of the art, unbiased server in New York City, we glean an untarnished view of the search landscape.

From there, our team performs a comprehensive analysis of existing assets. We look at favorable and unfavorable assets and determine obstacles to improving reputations and holes in the online profile. We assess any glaring weaknesses in controlled favorable assets and determine how to best improve upon those.

We conclude every assessment with a recommendation of tactics to enhance the reputation in question. Our recommendation is just that: a recommendation. Our clients can choose to undertake all, some, or none of our suggestions as best suits them.

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Monitoring and Protection

Haystack Reputation monitors developments in results and profiles throughout the campaign process, and continuously updates on progress and circumstances.

Short term retainers of 6-12 months can be effective to combat unfavorable rainfalls, but they do not maintain their effectiveness.

Unexpected scenarios may arise which may require renewed efforts on our part. By constantly observing results, we can react to unfavorable circumstances and quickly respond to them, protecting brand and image.

Many of our clients opt to retain us permanently, renewing in 6 month intervals, to allow peak potency. For clients who work with us on retainer, we are able to preempt unfavorable articles by generating favorable ones with higher search engine relevancy, using industry knowledge of journalistic results to outperform unfavorable assets.

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Asset Creation

The creation of favorable assets is a critical component of our campaigns. New assets allow for high levels of content control and strong relevancy due to recency. Additional assets provide missing components to fill out online profiles.

Following their creation, we provide an extensive promotional effort to increase existing assets’ search relevancy. Traffic and hyperlinks act as currency, providing the capital required for assets to grow.

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Asset Optimization

We optimize and promote existing assets to enhance digital reputations. We refine personal websites and profiles so that they are more easily understood by search engines. This allows search engines’ crawlers to decipher assets’ content more readily and increases assets’ likelihood to rank well.

As with newly created assets, optimized assets undergo an extensive promotional campaign to boost their relevancy through a network of links and traffic.

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Content Marketing

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For best results, we combine our optimization of digital reputations with content marketing, a strategy of creating and distributing marketable content to attract and retain a specific audience. We partner with the team at Haystack Digital to create premium content.

Content marketing consists largely of three stages– protective, proactive, and aggressive. Digital reputation management is the first of these three steps. By developing brand and identity beyond protective measures, products and services are instantly qualified with credibility and value. A successful content marketing campaign prolifically increases reach and engagement.

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Collective Authority Assessment


Haystack Reputation provides the capability to monitor and administrate existing assets predicated upon collective authorship. These sites typically place high within search results pages, and the content can be both greatly damaging and greatly beneficial to digital reputations.

We have accrued a wealth of knowledge regarding collectively authored assets through which we can advise and administer campaigns successfully.

This is an essential aspect of our services that we maintain through careful attention to protocol and comportment. While we do enjoy a greater efficacy than most, we must always operate within the restrictions of the sites themselves to preserve our privileged status.

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