Jaime "JL" Lee



Jaime Lee is a New England native with a storied career of working with various stakeholders to achieve big results. After graduating college she spent a decade in the public sector, working with town and regional governing bodies, overseeing committees, leading initiatives, proposing quasi-legislative policy and managing municipal projects of varying scales. In 2011, one of these projects fortuitously coincided with a Haystack Needle collaboration with the State of Vermont and a partnership was born.

She officially joined Haystack Digital in 2013 and has since been fully immersed in the digital sphere, producing websites, email marketing campaigns, logo design and other technological branding for small firms and large corporations, regional parks, community endeavors and entrepreneurs. With a passion for problem solving, user behavior and pattern recognition, DRM was a natural fit, and when the opportunity to join the Haystack Reputation team emerged she jumped at the chance.

In her free time you'll find her playing mandolin, fiddle or guitar at bluegrass jams and festivals, volunteering in her rural Vermont community or hiking into the woods with her laptop for a change of scenery. She is an advocate for wildlife conservation and an active member of The Wildlife Society.

Jaime has a BA in Human Sciences & Policy from Green Mountain College in Poultney, Vermont.

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